So I finally came around to do this tutorial which I planned to craft for a while :)
It’s really easy and took me about 30min to finish up. It’s a nice Sunday afterenoon craft to do.

So here’s what you’ll need

  • Black cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Tape (preferable black)
  • X acto knife

Step 1: Cut the cardboard
So let’s start by cutting the cardboard so that it will fit around your lens and tape it together. Make sure you don’t fi it too tight as it will hard to slide of.

Step 2: Tape together
Next you’ll cut out a circle in the diameter of you lens. I left some corners so it’s easier to tape on to your cylinder shape.
Using the x-acto blade, I cut slits into the circle so I can easily chage the shapes. Now all you have to do is to tape it all together and cut out all the shapes you feel like. Unfortunately I don’t own any shape punchers so my heart and my star look a little wacky lol

Make sure the size of your heart is big enough. At first I made it too small and I had a major vignette and a lot of light loss as you can see int the images. The last one and the brightest one is just the lens without the bokeh shaper but with the exact same settings. So you have to be aware of how much light you loose and set you’re camera acordingly.


Step 3: Experiment

Set your camera to its lowest aperture value (completely open). I used the Canon 50mm 1.8 so I used 1.8.
And now go out in the world and enjoy the endless possibilities of your new bokeh! Mother’s day is coming up and you could turn a heart shape bokeh picture into a handmade card by just printing it out :)
This little bug was interested in some crafting as well ;)

Make Bubbles with a Straw!

Today we decided to make some bubbles outside. We still had some bubble liquid at home but we coudln’t find the bubble wand so we simply used a straw and got amazing results! A  lot of cute little bubbles shot out of the straw and with some patience we could even control the size by how fast you blow trough the straw.

If you don’t have buble liquid at home try mixing your own. Use liquid dish washing detergent. 1 part deterent and 15 parts water. I read that mixing it with corn syrup will help but you’ll have to decide what you like better.



Pimp your Phone Case!

I bought this really cheap Iphone Case in Chinatown for 5$. It’s nice but nothing special so I decided to make it more unique. I have tons of scrapbook paper at home so I picked a page and cut it out fitting to my luckily translucent Case. I love it and get a lot of compliments for it. Here is the quick and super easy tutorial for it. Have fun pimping yours!

DIY recycled Cardboard Laptop Stand

I found this fun tutorial the other night and I really liked the Idea. Since I just purchased my first Laptop I’m obsessed with everything Laptop related. I bought a Dell Latitude 6400 refurbished over Dell Auctions. So far I like it.

So anyway yesterday night I sat down and recreated the Laptop Stand. I had several problems though. Seems like my Laptop was too heavy for the construction so I modify the pattern so that it fits my Computer. Also I had to fix the front holding parts with some tape since they buckled.

It’s not the most fashioned Laptop Stand but for my 0$ Project it’s more than good enough. You’ll find the pattern here.

Feather Hair Extensions with Tutorial

I really love these Feather Hair Extensions that were so trendy this Spring and Summer. But I could really not pay what they wanted for it at my hairdresser. So I decided to figure out how to do it myself. And the result is amazing!

I got the feathers,don’t laugh :), at a Fly fishing supply store. They’re actually meant to be turned into baits. But they make great hair accessories!

This is what you will need. I ordered the silicon crimp beads on amazon. I think it was 10$ for 100 beads so a really good deal compared to what you pay in a Salon.

The feathers were about 25$ And I still had the other tools from other projects.

And this is how it works:

And the best part is that I had some really nice gray feathers leftover that would not look good as extensions but as earrings they look great!

I also blogged the turoial on and was featured in the newsletter! Thank you so much!!