DIY Halloween Blood Splatter Nails

So as you may have noticed I’m getting all excited for Halloween. Unfortunately we don’t really celebrate it here in Germany. (As we also don’t do Pumpkin Spice flavoured anything, which is making me super sad)

Halloween Blood Splatter Nailart

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T-Shirt Reconstruction DIY

Hi Lovelies,

So I got this pretty darn cool T-Shirt from my amazing brazilian friend Samira back in CT. I never wore it though due to it being kinda big on me. Now  I had some time on my hands and I decided to reconstuct this T-Shirt to make it more custom and fitting. And if your’re interested in refashion one yourself I worte down a tutorial and took some pics so you can easily do it yourself as well!

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Linoleum Block Print DIY

So yesterday I went to the Stijl Art Fair in Mainz, Germany. It was amazing! So many creative people! You where able to buy furniture, artwork, accessories and clothing. We spend the whole day wandering around looking at everything and getting super inspired.

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Deer Antlers DIY wall decor

Hi Guys, it’s about time for a new tutorial, yay!

So I bought this beautfiful deer skull with some cute antlers on a fleamarket. Yes, I do love fleamarkets. Basically all my DIY’s are created due to fleamarket finds, haha.

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