Linoleum Block Print DIY

So yesterday I went to the Stijl Art Fair in Mainz, Germany. It was amazing! So many creative people! You where able to buy furniture, artwork, accessories and clothing. We spend the whole day wandering around looking at everything and getting super inspired.20140615-101345-36825315.jpg

There was a booth from Dawanda.

DaWanda is the online marketplace for unique and handmade items. There are more than 270,000 shops on DaWanda that offer you products handmade with love, products that can be customised to match your ideas.

It was really cool! You where allowed to create your very own linoleum print. And I really want to share this super easy and fun DIY with you.

DIY Lino Block Prints:

First you need a lino block, gouges, brayer, linoleum ink(s), paper, a pencil and eraser.

One you decided what design you want to create start sketching on the Lino block. I wanted to create a Rolleiflex camera.



Block printing works in reverse so if you use lettering make sure to write it in reverse.

Once you’re happy with the design you can begin cutting. Remember the raised areas are going to be shown printed. It’s called carving out the negative space. Be very careful while cutting. Lino is very soft and gouges are pretty sharp.
A neat trick to creating round shapes is to move the block in a circle instead of the gouge.


So I had to cut away a lot on the outside of my image. It took me over an hour until I was done. Once you’re happy with your design you can begin printing, hurray! Dawanda offered old books where you could rip out pages for printing


When you start printing make sure not to use too much paint or the creases will get filled with paint. A small drop is enough. Spread it evenly on the brayer. Than use the brayer on your Lino design.



When you turn the block around use your hands or a big heavy book to press the block on the paper to evenly transfer the image. And voilá, done! :) Let the print dry thoroughly. The good part about Block Printing is that you can easily create tons of copies of your creation. If you want to change colors make sure to rinse the ink off, let the block dry, and repeat the tranfser process.


I really enjoy how this do-it-yourself turned out and my camera found lots of attraction. People sitting next to me asked me if they can do a print for themselves using my design! I guess it was worth sitting there cutting it for so long :) Of course I let them print it. I felt quiet honored!

I was able to take some prints home and my lino design aswell. It’s so much fun I’m actually considering doing it more often :)

My obsession with Instagram and what to do with all those Pictures

If you haven’t heard about Instagram yet it’s according to their page a : “fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.” and I couldn’t say it any better. I’m in love with it. And the best part it’s a free app for the iphone and since last week even for all Android users available.

But why is it better than just sending the picture you took to friends and family via e-mail or text message. Well , it allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter (16 different ones at the moment) to it and then share it on a variety of social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.).What makes it even more special is the retro flair from limiting the picture to a square size similar to Polaroid or Kodak Instamatic.

You can like pictures, comment on them and build up a new Fanbase just by owning an Instagram account. Many artists got a huge popularity boost trough sharing their artwork on Instagram. Many celebrities aslo jump on the Instagram wagon and share parts of their life trough it. Beeing their own Paparazzi they gain kind of control about topics they’d like their Fans to know about. (isn’t it just a genious app?)

So now to the actual reason I wrote this article. What to do with all these beautiful, filtered, composed and artistic pictures you stored on your phone?

There are many options out there and a lot of people realized the potentail of the usage and storage of your images.

1. Print your images right away. Use Instaprint to set up a printer on your next party and get the real polaroid feeling.

2. Make your own Instamagnets. Sheets of magnetic paper compatible with inkjet printers are available in office supply stores. Don’t want to make it? You could let Stickygram make you some.

3. Send your picture as an old fashioned postcard. With Postagram  you can send a postcard to your loved ones straight from your phone with a costum message. (How awesome is that please?)

4. Make an Instagram calendar.  Use Keepsy to upload your favorite Instagrams and make a calendar.

5. Instagram stickers. Most craft or office supply stores carry photographic sticker paper that you can use in your home printer like photo paper.

6. Photo Booth Style Stripes. This is a great tutorial on how to create them on your own with such a small effort!

7. Check out Printstagram. They do almost everything with your pictures, like T-shirt or supercute mini booklets

8. Custom Instragram photo tiles. Go to ImageSnap for some great options.

9. Frame your Instagrams. hatchcraft has beautiful handcrafted bamboo frames.

10. You don’t like frames? What about canvas? Canvaspop has them!

After finding 10 Ways to use your Instagrams, I’m going to show you some more of mine :)

I’d love to see your Instagrams!Share them with me here or fell free to follow me on Instagram: arfotografie