12 thoughts on “Eggs in Mustard Sauce – A German Tradition

    • Dijon is from from Dijon, France. Its not authentic, its revised. Look for “senf” which is German for mustard. Its a totally different flavor, lived there for seven years…..trust me.

  1. I’ve been eating this dish for years, as my family came from Germany and my grandmother cooked things that NOBODY here has heard of. Ryan is correct in saying that you need to find a German mustard and the closest thing I have found for this dish is Guldens Spicy Brown. Also we cook it with bacon and onion in the mix……..one of my favorite dishes of all time.

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  3. I know this is an old post – but thanks so much. I had this as an exchange student in Germany many years ago, and didn’t even remember what it was called – I just typed in eggs in mustard sauce, and up came your post! I’m going to make it right away.

    • Hi Maria, glad you enjoy the German cuisine 🙂 hopefully it will taste like what you remember from your exchange. I know how you feel. I often Google American recipes that I remember from my exchange years (like lemon bars which I can’t get enough of)

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