I just walked by Olivia Wilde!

I spent my Easter Sunday in New York City. I had Brunch with two lovely friends and spend the afternoon wandering around East and Westvillage. A huge Post with all the details and lots of pictures about that soon.

While we where wandering I saw somebody getting out of a coffeee shop. I got this wird feeling when you think this person looks familiar and than it klicked. It’s the actress Olivia Wilde. Luckily I had my camera already in my hand so I took a picture. It’s not the best one. She’s on her way in the car and it’s from the side but I think you can still tell.For a second I felt like a paparazzi. It was the first time I saw a celebrity and it made my day. I don’t care how silly that sounds 🙂

I went to NYC so many times and never saw anybody famous and it’s on my Living in the States check list. So check!

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