Thanks to Dan Woog for this touching article about my life in Westport, Connecticut!


When Annika Ritter came to Westport in 2010 to work, she did not want to hang out with other au pairs.

“90 percent of the girls are German,” she says. “If I wanted to speak German, I would have stayed there!”

The lively, fun-loving 24-year-old — raised in a village near Frankfurt — vowed to immerse herself in Westport, and discover as much about her new town as she could.

Now — her 2-year stint almost over — Westport has become more than the place she works.

Annika considers it home.

She knew very little about Westport before Au Pair in America matched her with a family here. Wikipedia made it sound “very fancy.” When she saw some of the houses, how people dressed, and stores on Main Street that were way too expensive to shop at, she understood how wealthy it is.

But she realized something else: There is…

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