3 thoughts on “You left a paw print on my heart

  1. I had to put my little schipperke Cato down on 9/9/17. Never in my life have I experienced so much pain and desolation. I miss him so much…At 15 he was blind, deaf and starting the decent into full liver failure. I love him. I always will. My stubborn, spirited little guy. He was not always the best dog, not always obedient, and certainly not one to abide by any one’s rules except his own. From a 8 wk old pup to my beautiful 15 year old you were my best buddy. My furry kiddo…God, this hurts!

    Despite his faults, he was always there for me, wagging his little stump of a tail letting me know he was happy to see me, ready for some lovin’ and a belly rub or a walk….
    At the end, he could no longer walk for any length of time….eating was a challenge and then came the seizures….
    I love you, my little itty bah….and while losing you feels like I have had my heart ripped out, I know deep down that I did the best thing for you….but, the silence with out you is deafening…
    Forever, I will keep you in my heart…love you my potato….I hope you are once again whole and happy….the only thing I couldn’t save you from was time…I hope to see you at the bridge.

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