I just walked by Olivia Wilde!

I spent my Easter Sunday in New York City. I had Brunch with two lovely friends and spend the afternoon wandering around East and Westvillage. A huge Post with all the details and lots of pictures about that soon.

While we where wandering I saw somebody getting out of a coffeee shop. I got this wird feeling when you think this person looks familiar and than it klicked. It’s the actress Olivia Wilde. Luckily I had my camera already in my hand so I took a picture. It’s not the best one. She’s on her way in the car and it’s from the side but I think you can still tell.For a second I felt like a paparazzi. It was the first time I saw a celebrity and it made my day. I don’t care how silly that sounds 🙂

I went to NYC so many times and never saw anybody famous and it’s on my Living in the States check list. So check!

Actress Chriselle Almeida

I had the pleasure to meet the very talented actress Chriselle Almeida last year at the dog park. Yes, dogs are a great conversation starter! 🙂

While the dogs where busy playing we started to chat and soon discovered that we had to work together. I was excited when she asked me to take some headshots for her portfolio. I never did head shots for an actress before and Chriselle was so kind and explained to me what she needed and how portfolios for actors work. As an actress the posing came so naturally and the facial expressions changed from second to second. I had a blast working with Chriselle!

We took the Outdoor ones in the place we met first: the dogpark. The Indoor ones are not made in a Studio, well not a Photo Studio. We took those in a Fitness Studio she worked at. Luckily there was amazing light!

She used to work in New York City but relocated to LA. Unfortunately I don’t get to see her anymore but things over there are going great and I was thrilled when I heard that she got a speaking roll on the TV show The Big Bang Theory.

You can see the episode here. I’m very happy for Chriselle! She is such a sweet person and awesome actress and I hope that all her dreams come true!