On the Road- Part 1

Unfortunately my PC is still not working so I have to use my Laptop. Which is ok but the colors are better on my PC, oh well 🙂

Let’s start with a few pictures I took while being on the road. It’s very random. Some abandoned houses; rusty, vintage cars and a lot of cacti.

It was quiet a long trip. All in total we spend 28 days driving across the US. We slept in about 20 different motels. Some better, some worse.

We had bedbugs, cockroaches, black curly hairs on bed sheets, oh and yes we found an old sandwhich in a microwave. Yikes!

But than on the other hand we experienced some of the most stunning landscapes America has to offer.

Let me tell you about our route: Westport,CT-NYC, NY-Niagara Falls,NY-Chicago,IL- Nashville,TN- Carlsbad Caverns,NM-Roswell,NM-  (planned was New Orleans but hurricane Isaac got in our way) so the next bigger stop was-Santa Fe, NM-Mesa Verde National Park, CO-Monument Valley, UT/AZ-Grand Canyon,AZ-Las Vegas, NV-Death Valley,CAL-Yosemite National Park,CAL-San Fransisco,CAl-Los Angeles,CAL.
That’s where it enden. It was quiet a trip! We traveled trough 16 States (if I count right)

This is a small selection. I’m going to post more soon. I took around 5k I think. There’s a lot of sorting trough to do.

Also I started going to University this week. I’m now a student at the HS Rhein-Main in Wiesbaden. Working on a BA in Media Management 🙂

So soon I’m going to post updates on that aswell.

Roadtrip trough the US

Hi everybody,

you might wonder why my Blog became a little quiet the last couple of days. Here’s the reason.

My Au Pair years have come to an end and my Visa expires at the end of September. I wanted to see more of the country I lived in for so long and decided to take a cross country road trip. My parents decided to join me on this journey.

They arrived last Tuesday.

So far we’ve been in New York City, Niagara Falls, Chicago and today we’re in Nashville. Unfortunatelly I totally depend on Wifi and we never stay long enough at one spot so I’d have time to write a nice post.

Tomorrow we wanted to my our way to New Orleand but sind Isaac is on its roll we’re not sure yet if we’re going.

I’ll keep you posted and once the trip is over I’ll have a bunch of pictures to show you!