Big decision

Today is the day that I made my mind about my future.

I was considering staying here in the US as a full-time student just because I see a lot of opportunities for me here. On the other hand I miss Germany sometimes. Two weeks ago a letter from my Au Pair Agency came that I should make my mind about which flight I’m going to pick to get back home. With that pressure on  I had to make a list if it’s really worth staying here cause if I would there’s a lot to think about.

Staying in the US pros:

  • International degree
  • Love the Lifestyle and my friends here
  • possibility of a job later on

US cons:

  • education is very expensive especially as an international student
  • health insurance is expensive too
  • I’d apply from the States to change my Visa which means I couldn’t go home for the next 3 years at all (couldn’t leave the USA)
  • not allowed to work as an international student so no opportunity to make money on the side to finance the stay

Germany pros:

  • visit my family and my not so healthy grandpa
  • free health insurance
  • studying is almost free just a really small  fee per semester
  • I could open a small photography business on the side to pay rent etc
  • until your 27 and in school your parents recieve some free money from the goverment as child support
  • I have a car back home that my parents would sell if I stay in the US
  • I own fish tanks and a dog back home that I miss too
  • I miss my friends in Germany

Germany cons:

  • Different lifestyle than in the states
  • Life is going to be different. I changed so much in the 2 years since I’m here and back home it’s like I’ver never been away. Everything is the same just like times had stopped while I was gone
  • going to miss my friends in the US
  • I’m feeling more at home in the States. Never been happier…

A big part why I decided to go home is that my Grandpa is in his late 80’s and his health is pretty bad. I could’t forgive myself not beeing there for him. His eyes are pretty bad and he can’t read my letters anymore and of course he has never heard of Skype in his life. So it’s hard to keep in contact. But also the nearest College to where I live only offers an Associate in Business Marketing and to transfer to another school to get my Bachelors would be first of all risky cause I don’t know if they would accept me and second of all another huge amount of money that I don’t have. :/

At the end of September I’ll have to say goodbye to my life here and start over in Germany. I’m trying to get into school for Media Management and get a Bachelor of Arts. After that I hope I’ll find a job in the US so I can return. Maybe even do a semester abroad. Who knows.

I’m going to miss it here…