Disneyland Paris Castle

disney castle

Hi Lovelies,

I hope you all have a great sunday 🙂 Here’s a little throwback to my trip to Disneyland Paris last September. I just realized today I never retouched the images. So here I present to you the Disneyland Paris Castle in all it’s glory. It was a stormy three days while I’ve been there but this makes for really nice moody pictures and I love the clouds!

Pumpkins…totally unseasonal but on my mind today

I love Pumpkins. I love the different warm tones they come in. I love them as decor and even more as a food. Last October a friend of mine and I went apple picking and they had millions of different Pumkins! For cooking, for crafting and of course for decorating. I couldn’t resist but to take some pictures. It’s such a nice arrangement and I’m definitely going to print this one day and hang it up in my kitchen or dining room.

Now I could dig in some creamy Pumpkin Soup 🙂

My neighbors

It’s the season of the holiday cards! So my neighbors asked me if I could take family pictures for their card. And of course I said yes. The kids are adorable and so we went to the dogpark which is around the corner of our neigborhood.

It was a beautiful day and great weather for a photoshoot. We had so much fun! Especially in the pile of leaves 🙂 Even the Grandpa couldn’t resist and joined in the fun!