Photo shoot at South Beach in Miami, Florida

My lovely followers,

what is wrong with me for not posting in forever?! Seriously I’m sorry but as much as I would love to post more, work and university keep me crazy busy. Luckily my boyfriend invited me to a much needed 1 week vaca to Miami. I’ve been there once before with him for a weekend but this time we had more time and beautiful weather. And because I got to spend a whole week there I decided to find models for a photo shoot. Turns out one of my brazilian friends ( Hi Joyce!) knew two stunning brazilian girls in Miami. Lucky me! I just wanted to show you a sneek peak before I get to edit all the pics. I”m not sure if I like the color or b/w better. What do you think? 🙂 Unbenannt-1 Kopie

Love my Remote Control- Selfportrait



I wasn’t really planning to take those selfportraits today but on my way home I drove by this little strip of canola. Seriously it’s a small strip like 1 meter wide (yupp european measurements ) And it was gorgeous outside so I went home, grabed my camera and went back with my tripod and my remote control. I love how these turned out! Wish I had more friends living close by so I could just call them up and be like: Photoshoot in 5! Haha 🙂

MRKET Trade Show NYC

I had the opportunity to document the MRKET Trade Show at the Javis Center in New York City. It was a big event and I got to meet many nice people.

I’m very lucky to say that I will be also documenting the women trade show called Moda this weekend. I’m very excited since the mens show was very interesting and informative. The women’s show is even bigger! Since it also includes Accessories and Fame sections.


MRKET is a global fashion trade show for discerning menswear brands.  Representing the best in classic and contemporary clothing, sportswear, footwear, accessories and outerwear from the US and abroad, MRket is the only show in North America that is a serious business writing and networking trade and press event.


Lolita Fashion at Central Park

Sweet Lolita is a youth fashion among Japanese teenagers and young women. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl’s clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. Lolita fashion means appearing deliberately cute to the point of looking childish.

I saw these girls twice while I was strolling New York on the weekend. I thought that was a nice coincident so I asked them for a picture. I think it’s funny how the guy in the back is creeping up to them.