Getting Wet

This is my submission for the April Photo Challenge: Water @Rock The Shot

I took it while I was an apprentice back in Germany. The other apprentice helped me by dropping the Lemon slice. It took several shots to get to this result and boy was the studio wet afterwards! Luckily our boss was ok with that and loved the results. So it was all worth it in the end.

Food Photography

Currently I decided to experiment with Food Photography a little bit more. I used to do it in our Studio in Germany. But using Natural Lightning is a total different thing.

And without a Food Stylist its even harder 😉

I think you can expect some more in the upcoming days since it’s my newest obsession. I tested my skills on my breakfast bowl of Cereals. Next time I would probably add a Spoon. Oh well…

Chinatown New York City

There’s nothing better thank taking a day trip to the city. I had a long week and really needed to get out of the house. Me and my friend spend our day strolling around the city until we got really hungry at lunch time. Since we both like Chinese food we agreed that Chinatown was the only option. Also I needed a cheap case for my iPhone 🙂
We went to an old traditional restaurant that is here since 1920. And because we ordered on an empty stomach we ended up ordering way too much. But it was delicious and worth every cent!