Diana Photo App

Hi Guys!
There’s so much going on in my life right now and it’s turning it upside down. I participated in a Live Show from my university and I will tell you more about it in another post but for now let me tell you about the Diana photo app. I’m not sure if you remember my double exposure post from a while ago. Anyways I pinned it to Pinterest and the guys from Diana App noticed it and offered me to try out their App which is all about double exposures!

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DIY Terrarium

IMG_3859 Kopie

I always wanted to make a Terrarium. So the holiday season was a perfect opportunity to test my skills.
The trend of DIY Terrariums is on for a while now. You can see tons of them at florists at the moment but why don’t make one on your own? It’s pretty simple, honestly, and looks super professional. :) Also there’s nothing better than a personalized DIY gift, right?

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Make Bubbles with a Straw!

Today we decided to make some bubbles outside. We still had some bubble liquid at home but we coudln’t find the bubble wand so we simply used a straw and got amazing results! A  lot of cute little bubbles shot out of the straw and with some patience we could even control the size by how fast you blow trough the straw.

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