1 year Anniversay! / Erster Jahrestag

Happy Anniversary!

You registered on WordPress.com 1 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

This is what popped up on my WordPress account.

Wow can’t believe it’s been a year!

And to celebrate this news and the 1st of December here’s a picture I took last year in December in New York City.

Happy pre Christmas time!



Schon ein Jahr schreibe ich jetzt hier meinen Blog. Wahnsinn wie doch die Zeit vergeht!

Um dies und den ersten Dezember gebührend zu feiern zeige ich euch hier ein Bild, das ich letztes Jahr in New Tork City aufgenommen habe.

Frohe Vorweihnachtszeit!


Happy St. Patricks Day!

As many of you now I’m an Au Pair in the States. That means I live with a family and take care of their kids. Yesterday we decided to craft something for St. Patricks Day and since the kids loved the Rainbow Cupcakes we did earlier this year I decided we should make a St. Patricks Rainbow cake!

I wanted to keep it easy and decided to use a boxed cake mix and pre made frosting. But oh boy! The girl I take care of ( almost 6) asked me if you can even make cake from scratch. This has to change! Being as German as I am I’m used to make everything from scratch from Pizza dough to bread. So I told her of course you can and next time we will 😉