Jellyfish inverted – Happy Mistake

Today I was playing around with the Jellyfish image that I posted earlier this year here.

I actually wanted to apply a mask first and than invert it but by mistake I inverted it first and I really like the artsy effect. That’s why I thought I should share it with you 🙂

I didn’t edit the colors at all. This is just how it came out after falsely inverting it. I’d call it a Happy Mistake!

Maritime Aquarium Norwalk

I went to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk the other day with my two Hostkids. We had such a great time and the tanks are so beautiful!

I couldn’t resist the urge to take pictures so I brought my camera with me and these are some of my favorites from that day. And yes they do have meerkats at the Aquarium 🙂

I think I have at least 400 pictures of Jellyfish now. Different kinds, different light. They are just such amazing creatures and so calming.

They even have a whole section for amphibians and a shark tank. It’s an amazing place to go on a rainy or snowy afternoon.