Deer Antlers DIY

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Love my Remote Control- Selfportrait



I wasn’t really planning to take those selfportraits today but on my way home I drove by this little strip of canola. Seriously it’s a small strip like 1 meter wide (yupp european measurements ) And it was gorgeous outside so I went home, grabed my camera and went back with my tripod and my remote control. I love how these turned out! Wish I had more friends living close by so I could just call them up and be like: Photoshoot in 5! Haha ­čÖé

Watercolor Portrait

watercolor_a Kopie

Last year I took a Watercolor Class at Norwalk Community College in Connecticut. This is my first Watercolor Portrait and I’m pleased with the result. For Christmas I got a set of Watercolor paint and I’m excited to try it out. Well, after my exams in February of course. Studying keeps me very busy unfortunately.

Letztes Jahr habe ich am Norwalk Community College in Connecticut einen Aquarell Malkurs mitgemacht. Dieses ist mein erstes Aquarell Portrait. Gefaellt mir schon ganz gut. Ich habe zu Weihnachten ein Aquarell Malset geschenkt bekommen. Ich hoffe, dass ich nach meinen Pruefungen im Februar mehr Zeit habe mich damit zu beschaeftigen. Das Lernen ist im moment doch wichtiger.