You ask – I answer: My go to everyday lens

My lovely follower Allison just asked me this question and I thought some more of you might be interested in the answer 🙂

I was wondering – what lens do you usually use for your photographs? I am looking for a good “everyday” lens, like an 18 – 55mm or something that I can use for photographing everyday life. Do you have a lens that you would recommend?


My absolute go to lens is my 24-75mm 2.8 Tamron. I just love that thing! It covers everything from wide angle to macro and with an apperture of 2.8 you get the most beautiful bokeh. Its also pin sharp and delivers great colors. I know, I know it’s not Canon but hey it’s super budget friendly and does the job pretty damn good! Most of my Portrait sessions are shot with this gem and so is most of my other work.

So again my favorite combination at the moment is my Canon 5d Mark I with the Tamron 24-75mm 2.8.

I hope that helped you out Allison. Feel free to ask me anything you like. 🙂

You ask I answer!

“Last year, I purchased a Canon T2i (550D in Europe) as a starter DSLR since I’ve always wanted to get into photography. I worked with film cameras and darkrooms in the past but through a class. 

I got rid of the 18-55 kit lens, went to a 28-135, and finally upgraded to a 18-250. Do you use an particular prime/portrait lens? “

I love to use lenses that have a wide aperture. The object you photograph pops out more and the background gets blurry it’s called depth of field.

You can manipulate this effect in your photographs by adjusting your aperture. A wider aperture produces a shallower depth of field and a narrow aperture produces greater depth of field.

My prime lens is a Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 that I use most of the time. It’s a really good lense and you get it for under 500$ In fact most of the photographs I posted so far where taken with that lens.

However my favorite portrait lens is the Canon 85mm 1.8. Which is with a price of under 500$ one of the best portrait lenses you will find.  On my Full-Frame 5d body it works just amazing!

Since you have a APS-C (1.6 Crop) Camera I recommend the Canon 50mm 1.8 or if you want to spend a little  more money the Canon 50mm 1.4  which when used on a Canon’s Smaller Sensor Camera bodies becomes an effective 80mm lens, due to the 1.6x crop factor.

Your results will change immediately due to the wide aperture. It’s harder to focus but it’s totally worth it!

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if there is anything else you want to know.

New Lenses :)

My good friend James came over the other day and gave me three of his Lenses to play around with and try them out 🙂

How nice is that?! Thank you James!

And these are the lenses:

Sigma 170-500mm F/5-6.3

Canon 50mm 1.8

Canon EF 28135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

As soon as I find some time (probably after New Years) I’m going to give you a review of what I think about them.

He also offered them for sale. So let’s see how it goes and maybe I have a new Lens soon 🙂