It’s my 24th birthday today!

Can’t believe another year has passed. This year is going to be full of grown up desicions.

Moving back to Germany is one of them. Beginning again a new life another. I’m currently signing up for Universities all over Germany. Le’ts just cross fingers that I’ll get a spot and I can start studying Media Management. That would be a dream!

Today I’m going to spend my birthday working, the whole day until 10pm at night. Yes, not really a great way to celebrate but hey with 24 unfortunately you’re too grown up to complain about missing cake and party hats. I’ll have a nice dinner with friends this thursday. And for Memoriald Day weekend I’ll travel to Annapolis with a good friend. So overall it won’t be too bad.

And so I’m off to work. Maybe I’ll stop at Starbucks and buy a Birthday Cake Pop.

Food Photography

Currently I decided to experiment with Food Photography a little bit more. I used to do it in our Studio in Germany. But using Natural Lightning is a total different thing.

And without a Food Stylist its even harder 😉

I think you can expect some more in the upcoming days since it’s my newest obsession. I tested my skills on my breakfast bowl of Cereals. Next time I would probably add a Spoon. Oh well…

Studio shoot from a long time ago…

I did this somewhen in 2009. But it reminded me of the self portrait I did earlier this week.

The longer I work in photography the more I’m drawn to natural lightning. I think after a couple of years you just find your own style and you develop a better eye.

I used to work in a Studio and it was great. I had an amazing time and there are definitely things you just cannot achieve in natural lightning. I don’t know why but I think it’s harder to work in a Studio. You’re limited to a certain space and accessories. But on the other hand some people say natural lightning is harder. I think it all depends n your personality and style. I think if you have a passion for it you make it work no matter what.