DIY Blood Splatter Nails

This tutorial and Blog moved! Please find the DIY here:

Channeling my inner hipster

It was about time for another Selfie. I’m wearing a C&A hat and an Urban Outfitters Jumper. The Lipstick is from Lush Cosmetics 🙂Hipster Selfie

Love my Remote Control- Selfportrait



I wasn’t really planning to take those selfportraits today but on my way home I drove by this little strip of canola. Seriously it’s a small strip like 1 meter wide (yupp european measurements ) And it was gorgeous outside so I went home, grabed my camera and went back with my tripod and my remote control. I love how these turned out! Wish I had more friends living close by so I could just call them up and be like: Photoshoot in 5! Haha 🙂