T-Shirt Reconstruction DIY

Hi Lovelies,

So I got this pretty darn cool T-Shirt from my amazing brazilian friend Samira back in CT. I never wore it though due to it being kinda big on me. Now¬† I had some time on my hands and I decided to reconstuct this T-Shirt to make it more custom and fitting. And if your’re interested in refashion one yourself I worte down a tutorial and took some pics so you can easily do it yourself as well!

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Deer Antlers DIY wall decor

Hi Guys, it’s about time for a new tutorial, yay!

So I bought this beautfiful deer skull with some cute antlers on a fleamarket. Yes, I do love fleamarkets. Basically all my DIY’s are created due to fleamarket finds, haha.

Antler DIY Walldecor

Antler DIY Walldecor

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Live wild and free – Street Photography

I’m currently trying to get into street photography. It’s such a nice challenge. You have to have your settings right or otherwise the moment has passed. It’s a lot of fun and trains my eyes so much. I think it’s a good exercise for everybody who’s into photography. Try it yourself!

Grap your camera and snap away. A little Tip: Wide angled lenses are better. ( You already have a bigger depth of field) and push your ISO high in most cases a 100 is not going to do the job.

I like to turn them into Black&White. It’s easier that way to concentrate on the subject. Especially the East Village is very colorful and you don’t know where to look first.

I took this shot in the East Village of New York City while walking by. She just walked out the store to light up her cigarette.

Jellyfish inverted – Happy Mistake

Today I was playing around with the Jellyfish image that I posted earlier this year here.

I actually wanted to apply a mask first and than invert it but by mistake I inverted it first and I really like the artsy effect. That’s why I thought I should share it with you :)

I didn’t edit the colors at all. This is just how it came out after falsely inverting it. I’d call it a Happy Mistake!