Where is the winter?

Beeing from Europe I try to keep up as much as possible with the news. Apparently there is a huge cold wave ¬†crossing the Continent and turning it into a Winterwonderland. Beautiful! But wait a second, it’s February here as well and Climate is supposed to be similar. So why can I go out in just a light Jacket? The whole global warming thing is pretty scary. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a person for the cold. I’m mean yes I grew up in Germany and I always get told here that I can’t complain about the cold because I should be used to it. That still doesn’t mean i’ve to like it. I enjoy the warm sun shining in my face but that also makes me wonder how these changes affect our future life.

I went to Compo Beach the other day and took some nice icy and frosty shots. I love the fresh, salty air. And the season is great to take your dog for a walk since they open the beach for dogs in the cold month.

Snow in Connecticut

I’ve to say it was time. We were waiting for a long time and it looks beautiful outside.

I couldn’t resist but writing a snow related post. Don’t worry more posts about Aruba are on their way.

I’ve an engagement shoot coming up and I’m very excited for it. Snow and a cute couple are just a match made in heaven. so be prepared for an update soon!