New York Flea Markets

Last weekend I went to the famous Brooklyn Flea Market. Never have I seen so many Hipsters before. It was a great experience and the folks there where so artsy and inspiring!

A whole post about it will follow soon.

While walking down Broadway to go back downtown we stumbled upon another Flea market. Only here in New York you’ll find the craziest things. For example the picture above shows a prop from the Movie Mars Attacks. They offered a picture with it for 5$ (Mother day special price) How crazy is that?!

I must admit that I’m a sucker for Flea’s and you’ll normally see me at least once a month at one. I just love the flair, the bargains and the crowd you meet at a place like that.

Live wild and free – Street Photography

I’m currently trying to get into street photography. It’s such a nice challenge. You have to have your settings right or otherwise the moment has passed. It’s a lot of fun and trains my eyes so much. I think it’s a good exercise for everybody who’s into photography. Try it yourself!

Grap your camera and snap away. A little Tip: Wide angled lenses are better. ( You already have a bigger depth of field) and push your ISO high in most cases a 100 is not going to do the job.

I like to turn them into Black&White. It’s easier that way to concentrate on the subject. Especially the East Village is very colorful and you don’t know where to look first.

I took this shot in the East Village of New York City while walking by. She just walked out the store to light up her cigarette.