Studio shoot from a long time ago…

I did this somewhen in 2009. But it reminded me of the self portrait I did earlier this week.

The longer I work in photography the more I’m drawn to natural lightning. I think after a couple of years you just find your own style and you develop a better eye.

I used to work in a Studio and it was great. I had an amazing time and there are definitely things you just cannot achieve in natural lightning. I don’t know why but I think it’s harder to work in a Studio. You’re limited to a certain space and accessories. But on the other hand some people say natural lightning is harder. I think it all depends n your personality and style. I think if you have a passion for it you make it work no matter what.

Studio Portrait without a Studio – Selfportait

Long story short I bought a new Lipstick on the weekend and I loooove the color. It’s a Maybelline New York 24h ( and boy it sticks forever!)

So of course being all girly I wanted a new picture with it.  Just like in my earlier self portrait found here I used the white side of my reflector as a backdrop.

Right in front of me was a big window so I had a lot of natural light. I used my Canon 5d Mark I with my Tamron 24-75mm at around 50mm with f/4 and 1/100. I think ISO was around 1250 because it wasn’t that bright today.

I really like how it turned out but it’s pretty hard to handheld and make it look like it’s not. I’m considering buying a wireless shutter remote control. Suggestions anyone?

I tried different outfits and positions but in the end I decided that less is more. I couldn’t resist but goof around at the end after all that posing, it was necessary. Love to hear your opinion 🙂