It’s my 24th birthday today!

Can’t believe another year has passed. This year is going to be full of grown up desicions.

Moving back to Germany is one of them. Beginning again a new life another. I’m currently signing up for Universities all over Germany. Le’ts just cross fingers that I’ll get a spot and I can start studying Media Management. That would be a dream!

Today I’m going to spend my birthday working, the whole day until 10pm at night. Yes, not really a great way to celebrate but hey with 24 unfortunately you’re too grown up to complain about missing cake and party hats. I’ll have a nice dinner with friends this thursday. And for Memoriald Day weekend I’ll travel to Annapolis with a good friend. So overall it won’t be too bad.

And so I’m off to work. Maybe I’ll stop at Starbucks and buy a Birthday Cake Pop.

Zumba Instructor

One of my friends asked me the other day if I’d like to do a photoshoot for a friend of his. The clue, his friend is a Zumba instructor and needs pictures for flyers and her Zumba profile. I was thrilled and met ┬áher this weekend for an inpromptu shoot.

We had such a good time and she’s really sweet. It’s always great to shoot with a fun atmosphere. It was also the perfect opportunity to use my reflector. The light came out great!

Here is a little teaser. I’ll upload more as soon as I’ve retouched them. ­čÖé

Where is the winter?

Beeing from Europe I try to keep up as much as possible with the news. Apparently there is a huge cold wave ┬ácrossing the Continent and turning it into a Winterwonderland. Beautiful! But wait a second, it’s February here as well and Climate is supposed to be similar. So why can I go out in just a light Jacket? The whole global warming thing is pretty scary. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a person for the cold. I’m mean yes I grew up in Germany and I always get told here that I can’t complain about the cold because I should be used to it. That still doesn’t mean i’ve to like it. I enjoy the warm sun shining in my face but that also makes me wonder how these changes affect our future life.

I went to Compo Beach the other day and took some nice icy and frosty shots. I love the fresh, salty air. And the season is great to take your dog for a walk since they open the beach for dogs in the cold month.

Freezing cold

So a while ago I went outside to take some pictures and it was sooo unbelievable cold! I just stayed outside for about 30 min. That was more than enough and while I warmed myself up with a nice hot chocolate I edited some of the shots I took from the Saugatuck river here in Westport. I especially love the last one with the mossy rock and the ice in contrast to it. I really had to watch out that I don’t trip and end up in the river! But i think it was worth it. I love the images.

Snow in Connecticut

I’ve to say it was time. We were waiting for a long time and it looks beautiful outside.

I couldn’t resist but writing a snow related post. Don’t worry more posts about Aruba are on their way.

I’ve an engagement shoot coming up and I’m very excited for it. Snow and a cute couple are just a match made in heaven. so be prepared for an update soon!