T-Shirt Yarn

Hi Lovelies,

so I kinda have an obsession with recycling at the moment. (Could be part of me being a poor student haha)

T-Shirt Yarn

Oh well, so I just did this T-Shirt Reconstruction and now I decided to turn a couple of other old T-Shirts into eco friendly Yarn or so called Tarn. Isn’t it lovely how americans always manage to mesh words like that? Love it!

It took me like 20 Minutes to complete one ball of T-Shirt Yarn. Its very simple and with this tutorial there’s no knotting envolved. How sweet is that? It’s one continuous strand of T-Shirt Yarn. You can turn T-Shirt Yarn into so many DIY. I’m planning to make a rug out of it. And of course I’ll post that tutorial as well. You could also use it to make this camera lens pouch.

So let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • Old cotton T-Shirt
  • Scissors (Farbic Scissors work best  but any will do)

T-Shirt Yarn
Step 1
Cut the bottom of the T-Shirt off. Right under the armpits is best so you save as much fabric as possible.

T-Shirt Yarn

Step 2
Remove Tags if there’s any on your T-Shirt.
T-Shirt Yarn

Step 3
Now cut the T-Shirt into horizontal 1-inch wide stripes. Stop about 1 inch from one end to make the continuous strands. If you cut fully trough you will only have rings. Cut of the bottom hem.

Now you have to pull the strands and they will get a little longer and curl up by themselves. If you use fabric scissors your yarn will look much nicer and cleaner than mine but for the project I’m planning to do it’s not too bad if it has a little fringe.
T-Shirt Yarn

Step 4
This is the most important step to make one continuous ball of T-Shirt Yarn. You have to cut slightly angled from one strand to another as shown by the red lines in the picture below.
T-Shirt Yarn

Step 5
Now all you have to do it cut the strand at some point so you can roll it up into a perfect ball of DIY T-Shirt Yarn and you’re all set! Mine ripped at one point which isn’t as bad due to the fact that I would have to cut it up anyways.
T-Shirt Yarn

T-Shirt Reconstruction DIY


Hi Lovelies,

So I got this pretty darn cool T-Shirt from my amazing brazilian friend Samira back in CT. I never wore it though due to it being kinda big on me. Now  I had some time on my hands and I decided to reconstuct this T-Shirt to make it more custom and fitting. And if your’re interested in refashion one yourself I worte down a tutorial and took some pics so you can easily do it yourself as well!

So let’s get started. You’ll need:

  • Old baggy T-Shirt
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Tailors Chalk

T-Shirt Reconstruction DIY

Step 1
Draw a curve running one inch off the collar and cut it off using the fabric scissors.
T-Shirt Reconstruction
Step 2
Fold the back of the shirt in half. I used a folder to mark the stripes evenly.
Cut even strips about an inch wide from the top to the bottom. Gradually get wider towards the bottom. Pull the stripes individually to form string.
T-shirt reconstruction
Step 3
Use a pillow or two to stuff in the Shirt. This will make braiding easier. You could also use cardboard or a (if you have one and if you do I’m pretty jealous) mannequin. The top strand goes over the bottom and you pull the bottom strand through and continue like this with all the strings. You could also twist the strand before pulling the next one trough to create a different pattern. You can do this as often as you want to create a unique pattern. The last strand has to get cut in half and knotted on each side to secure the braids.

While cutting I cut trough a couple of strands by mistake. But that’s not a big deal just knot them back together and in the end you just cut off the excess fabric from the knot.
T-shirt reconstruction

T-shirt reconstruction
Step 4
Cut off the sleeves and youré basically done. You will have a tank top. I didn’t like the look of it so I twisted the sleeves and now I like mine way better but that’s up to you.

I would love to see how yours turn out. Leave a comment with a link to your results :)

100th Birthday Party

I had the chance to attend a really cool Birthday Bash for two Rock n’ Roll Lovers who turned both 50 and are great friends.

It was alovely party with a ton of bikers. Those are always the nicest I must say from my experience. They all watch out for each other. Hard shell but a soft inside.

Today I got my last wisdom tooth removed. So finally that is done! As soon as I have recovered there’s going to be plenty more DIY Tutorials coming your way. I’m really excited about that :) Take care


Linoleum Block Print DIY

So yesterday I went to the Stijl Art Fair in Mainz, Germany. It was amazing! So many creative people! You where able to buy furniture, artwork, accessories and clothing. We spend the whole day wandering around looking at everything and getting super inspired.20140615-101345-36825315.jpg

There was a booth from Dawanda.

DaWanda is the online marketplace for unique and handmade items. There are more than 270,000 shops on DaWanda that offer you products handmade with love, products that can be customised to match your ideas.

It was really cool! You where allowed to create your very own linoleum print. And I really want to share this super easy and fun DIY with you.

DIY Lino Block Prints:

First you need a lino block, gouges, brayer, linoleum ink(s), paper, a pencil and eraser.

One you decided what design you want to create start sketching on the Lino block. I wanted to create a Rolleiflex camera.



Block printing works in reverse so if you use lettering make sure to write it in reverse.

Once you’re happy with the design you can begin cutting. Remember the raised areas are going to be shown printed. It’s called carving out the negative space. Be very careful while cutting. Lino is very soft and gouges are pretty sharp.
A neat trick to creating round shapes is to move the block in a circle instead of the gouge.


So I had to cut away a lot on the outside of my image. It took me over an hour until I was done. Once you’re happy with your design you can begin printing, hurray! Dawanda offered old books where you could rip out pages for printing


When you start printing make sure not to use too much paint or the creases will get filled with paint. A small drop is enough. Spread it evenly on the brayer. Than use the brayer on your Lino design.



When you turn the block around use your hands or a big heavy book to press the block on the paper to evenly transfer the image. And voilá, done! :) Let the print dry thoroughly. The good part about Block Printing is that you can easily create tons of copies of your creation. If you want to change colors make sure to rinse the ink off, let the block dry, and repeat the tranfser process.


I really enjoy how this do-it-yourself turned out and my camera found lots of attraction. People sitting next to me asked me if they can do a print for themselves using my design! I guess it was worth sitting there cutting it for so long :) Of course I let them print it. I felt quiet honored!

I was able to take some prints home and my lino design aswell. It’s so much fun I’m actually considering doing it more often :)