Two Ingredients Clay Mask

Luckily I’m blessed with pretty good skin but once in a while I do need to nourish my skin a bit. A healing clay mask is a real wonder worker at doing so. It’s all natural and made out of only two key ingredients. If you please you can add any ingredient that works well on your skin. I added a list of things that you could add to the clay mask if you feel liket it. As I get older I notice how important it is to take care of myself (which includes my skin and my general health as well). A clay mask can help treat acne, blackheads and pimples, cleans the skin and helps against skin-, muscle- and joint pain as well as inflammations. See? A real natural silver bullet!
Clay Mask

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Quinoa Sweet Potato Feta Salad

Yay for summer weather and finally being done with my bachelor thesis. Now I got some time on my hand before my student life is over and my job ist starting. It’s really hot here in Germany. About 36-38 degree Celsius. It’s way too hot to eat anything heavy for lunch or even for dinner. Since I’m still a student (for 2 more month) I live on a budget. In my fridge I had an open package of feta cheese, a sweet potato, onions and quinoa. And my freezer had some frozen spinach in it. So what to do? Well mix it all together and see what happens!

Quinoa Sweet Potato Feta Salad

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Puff pastry with delicious fillings in under 30 minutes 

A few weekends ago I felt like making homemade puff pastry treats like rasberry turnovers or apple turnovers. Yuummmm! And who doesn’t like some chocolate banana filling? Fortunately I had everything I needed at home and it took only 10 minutes to prep and another 20 to bake! That’s faster than going to a bakery ;) Here are 3 sweet ways to fill puff pastry.

Puff Pastry

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Big things ahead!

2015 is going to be a big year for me. I’m going to graduate with my bachelors degree in media management hopefully this summer ;)
This blog is going to get a new layout and a co-author! How exciting! Currently I’m studying like crazy for my final exams coming up in two weeks and afterwards I’ll prep a lot more new stuff coming your way. So just be a little bit more patient!

Hint: One tutorial might or might not be heavily Star Wars related…. ;)

Reindeer Goulash

Hi Lovelies,

so I bought some frozen reindeer meat and had no idea what to do with it. Yesterday it snowed for the first time here in Germany this year so I really started lusting for a hearty stew or goulash. Since there aren’t many reindeer stews or goulash recipes on the web I came up with my own recipe with ingredients that I still had at home so I didnt have to go out into the cold. Yay to a stocked pantry!

Here’s the outcome:

reindeer goulash

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