Light Bulb Aquarium

Hi Lovelies,

so a few days ago I showed you how to hollow out a light bulb. Today I want to show you a way to tranform that bulb into an aquarium. Attention: A light bulb is not a good home for fish! You can have plants in it and maybe a snail. But please never put a fish in it. It’s way too small and it would be cruel.

Light bulb

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DIY recycled Cardboard Laptop Stand

I found this fun tutorial the other night and I really liked the Idea. Since I just purchased my first Laptop I’m obsessed with everything Laptop related. I bought a Dell Latitude 6400 refurbished over Dell Auctions. So far I like it.

So anyway yesterday night I sat down and recreated the Laptop Stand. I had several problems though. Seems like my Laptop was too heavy for the construction so I modify the pattern so that it fits my Computer. Also I had to fix the front holding parts with some tape since they buckled.

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